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About Bijur
The systematic approach to single point lubrication
Grease and oil lubrication are critical parts of maintenance in any industrial operation. Proper lubrication saves a tremendous amount of money by reducing equipment downtime and lost labor hours, as well as giving equipment longer life.

Why take chances with lubrication? LubeSite eliminates the guesswork.
Your local distributor can show you how.

Benefits of LubeSite's Lube Systems

- Refillable / Reusable"On Demand" operating principle
- Activation is immediate
- No cumbersome dip switch/ activator plug settings
- No battery or gas
- No hazardous battery/gas units to dispose of
- Low pressure operation
- See thru reservoir
- Can use with any NLGI # 0-4 non-separating grease
- Models available to operate in harsh conditions
- Can be mounted in any position
- Can be used in any hazardous area
- Reservoirs available in 1, 2, and 6 ounce capacity
- Fewer replacement bearings
- Less downtime for bearing replacement
- Less grease used Fewer man-hours spent relubricating.