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rikR.I.K. INDUSTRIES PTE LTD (Subsidiary of Japan Fawick Co., Ltd)

R.I.K. was established in 2001, with the vision of Japan Fawick to better service its’ customers in the South East Asian Region.


The main purpose was to service and support our customer’s need in South East Asia.


Within a short period of four years, we have expanded our customer base from our headquarters in Singapore to the Rest of South East Asia. Establishing offices in Thailand (Bangkok) and Philippines (Manila) with extensive distribution and dealer networks.


RIK’s expertise started in 2001 being the Clutches and Brakes Specialist with the guidance of Japan Fawick.


Now RIK have evolved to be Equipment Specialist in Paper, Plastic, Printing  and Printing Machines. R.I.K. Industries Pte Ltd is your Specialist for Clutches and Brakes AND Equipment Specialist for Paper, Plastic, Printing  and Printing Machines.