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Since the foundation of the Company in 1950, we have been specializing in the manufacture and sale of unaffected (genshitsu?) machines, paper machines and coaters. Vibrators (single disc refiners), com formers, shower shudoki, etc. are patented and the typical of our products. Technical skills featuring  our originality have proven to be excellent.

We have tied up with some of the world-famous European manufacturers for better stability of quality and labor-saving, and supplied users, both domestic and abroad, with machines to contribute to the rationalization of the production system. In the sector of the general industrial machinery, too, we have been enjoying a high reputation of the clutches of high quality.

A list of contracts signed with foreign manufacturers

  • Japan Voith, Ltd (Sole agent of West German's VOITH) License contract of Genshitsu equipment
  • BMB (Bachofen & Meier AG, Switzerland) License contract of coater and air driers
  • Hunt & Moacrop, Ltd (U.K.) Technical cooperation contract of swimming rolls