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For many years, MEROBEL has consolidated its position as the leader in EMP Brake & Clutch technology and associated electronics, especially for Wire & Cable and Web tension control, as well as variable torque simulation on Test rigs.

This leading position relies on highly demanding strategic choices:

  • Technological leadership, by offering as standard, the best performance on the market
  • Strong commitment to quality and customer satisfaction
  • High level of customer service, either in terms of technical support level, or in terms of delivery management and short lead times.

Today, MEROBEL is a specialized division of REDEX ANDANTEX, which employs more than 300 people all over the world.

MEROBEL is at the heart of a large network of agents, regularly trained to the highest standards and the latest of its technology, including four subsidiaries of REDEX ANDANTEX located in France, United Kingdom, Italy and the USA.